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Every rider  story inspires, don’t  silence  the road

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Deliverables: Native OIS app and Web responsive design

Roles: Product Research, UI UX Design, Brand identity and strategy, Photographer

Tools: Paper, Sketch, Photoshop, Invision

As one of my personal projects, I run a photojournalist space, where I meet with motorcyclists and we talk about their experience as a rider, from why did they got into it, and what do they love and not enjoy the most about it. Everyone would say almost the same, the love the freedom, the empowerment, and how riding has changed their perspective about life, going back to enjoy simple things in life like the wind, the open roads, connecting with their surroundings, and meeting so many people. At the same time, they acknowledge that not all riders care safeness or sharing the road, but about their ego and how they can go the fastest. But what about riders that don’t count with a way to connect with other riders or communities, and want to find new places to go and discover others like minded people?.


Motorcyclists encounter different challenges when they go for rides like feeling safe,  finding roads and routes based on their experience. Additionally, a big part of riding a motorcycle is to meet riders and being part of a community. 


If riders can decide the settings of their route base in their own riding preference and experience, and share them with their community to empower other riders and at the same time connecting with them.


Design a mobile app that provides riders a tool to empower them to create and save routes base on their abilities, and have the ability to connect with other motorcyclists in the area 
Riders will use the app to discover new places, riders, groups, and connect with communities in the area. 

The problem space, research

How might we  INCREASE 


persona mapping

To create a product that is love and needs for palpable flesh and blood riders, I put a good effort in making sure that the persona mapping was built on real user profiles, needs, wants and expectations in order to pick the right task and develop the correct journey for the end-user. 

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Experience mapping


Wireframes, task flows, user testing


Cavalier the french word for rider, a cavalier represents the essence to be a motorcyclist. Freedom lover, adventurous, proud of their own self, down to earth and empower by being one with the roads.

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wireframes, user testing
Brand identity

marketing responsive website

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